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  • Some College Consultants Use Phony Guarantees.

    If you encounter a college financial aid consultant offering either one of the two guarantees listed below do not do business with them. Read the guarantees, they sound great but as you'll see they are grossly misleading.

    1. The first common guarantee is: they promise a minimum of $2500 in aid, or they will refund the fee you paid them.

    2. The second common guarantee is: they promise you 100% of the money you need to send your child to school, or they will refund the fee you paid.

    The first common guarantee is actually a federal entitlement that the college consultant is passing off as his or her own guarantee. The fact of the matter is all you have to do to be guaranteed $2500 in the form of a student loan is complete the FAFSA and have your EFC $2500 less than the total cost of attendance. We think it's dishonest to pass off a federal entitlement as your personal guarantee and it leaves us wondering what else are they lying to us about.

    The second common guarantee you are entitled to also comes from the Federal Government. All you have to do is complete the FAFSA form and be credit worthy, and you qualify for 100% of the difference between the aid you receive and the total cost of attendance in the form of the PLUS loan. How's that for another grossly misleading guarantee?

    We provide families like yours with the most comprehensive financial aid service in the industry and at the lowest fee in the market place today, but what we are equally proud of is our guarantee.


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College Credit Cards can get a student in a lot of Trouble.  College Students are not ready for Credit Cards

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